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Work in progress

I don’t expect this page to change very often as my work in progress takes a long time to come to fruition.

Sometimes I feel like a butterfly, as I flit from one work to another. My brain is full to bursting with ideas but I limit myself to just a few at a time, jotting notes down and keeping files when others pop into my head uninvited.


Usually, at any given point in time I have three or four projects ongoing. I do lots of research, whether it’s a historical saga, a romantic comedy or science fiction, I need to know my characters, locations and important details before I can start to construct the story.

I’ve been too busy to update this page recently, so apologies for my absence. The latest novel, hot off my computer, is now available  from all Amazon stores.

Happiness for Hazel is a romantic, pre-world war two saga.

As the clouds of war gather, young Hazel is falling in love. She is charmed by a sensitive young man from a mining family and passion sweeps her common sense away. Fearing her parents might not approve of his background, she keeps her affair secret.

Her sweetheart hides a darker side that Hazel finds exciting, but when he becomes possessive, she discovers he might not be the man she thought he was. Are the rumours about him true? Is he responsible for hurting her friend? Can she trust him with her heart?


Read the first unedited chapter here


When I’m done with the marketing, promoting and launching of this novel, I have two more in the pipeline. Hazel will get a sequel as I’m not finished with this girl yet. She’s got under my skin and she’s in my brain. I need to continue her story, so watch out for that one. The third is the story of Hazel’s friend. She is a girl I can work with and I have great plans for her.

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