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Short Stories

Shades of Abuse [Kindle Edition]

Pearl A Gardner (Author)

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This is a short, four story book of around 28 pages.

Here are four short stories exploring the multifaceted shades of abuse. Without need for graphic descriptions of maltreatment, each story unfolds around a darkly disturbing portrayal of oppression or torture and the consequences of these atrocities on the abused.

‘A Delicate Duality’ exposes misplaced ambition as the core of a mother’s domination of her daughter.

In ‘New Beginnings’ a mother’s guilt drives her to find a solution and save her son from his bullies.

‘Father’s Legacy’ reveals how corruption can be concealed in any level of society. Winner of the Iceberg Short story competition 2001

‘Mother’s Love’ confronts the cyclical nature of abuse. Winner of the Iceberg Short story competition 2000


Reflections of Love, Life and Legend [Kindle Edition]

Pearl A Gardner (Author)

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This book has 12 stories and around 54 pages

Reflections of Love, Life and Legend contains twelve short stories. This collection is an eclectic bunch. Some have been commended in competitions. All have been written from the heart.
Smiles and laughter is one of the themes you’ll find in this collection, with a sprinkling of emotion and a seasoning of romance here and there. You’ll find straight forward love stories; family bonds; tales of revenge and an adult fairy story among the mix. I tried to put something in here for everyone to enjoy. Some are emotional and poignant, some are frivolous and fun.
I trust my characters will reach out and draw you in, to share a few moments of their lives, but I hope their stories will warm your heart and make you smile.

I love to write short stories and use them to experiment with words. I sometimes try to capture the poetry in language to heighten the mood or set the scene. Other times I attempt to tighten the writing to make the impact of a short story even greater. Mostly I just write the shorter fiction because the idea needs to get out of my head and down on paper.

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