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Science Fiction

Do you believe in Aliens?

Having witnessed a few unidentified flying objects in the skies above my hometown of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, I decided to investigate the phenomena further. I searched the internet, newspaper archives and my local library and was astounded by the amount of information there was about the subject. I was enthralled and the more I discovered, the more I wanted to know.

I attended a UFO conference, read more books and spoke to some other witnesses before I came up with my plan for the book. I wanted to expose my findings in a way that would be acceptable to the general public, so I wove my research into a work of fiction.

So far I have completed a series of two books. A possible third and final episode is itching away in my mind, so it might surface in the next year or so.


They Take Our Children, Book One, The Truth Revealed
Courtney is an astonishingly beautiful teenager. She is also a brighter than average young woman, but is otherwise as ordinary, happy and well adjusted as any other girl her age.

On her sixteenth birthday, Courtney’s neurotic mother, Helen, calls her a monster in a fit of rage. The teenager runs off, causing panic in the family.

Courtney’s father, Gavin, has long suspected something sinister hiding in his wife’s history, but nothing could have prepared him for the truth. Helen’s father, George, tries to reveal what he knows about the mystery, but the family find it hard to accept his far fetched version of events as realistic.

Weaving between past and present the facts about Courtney’s shocking alien origin are exposed, and the search for whole truth begins.


Concluding the two part series - They Take our Children, Taking Control

Courtney’s family are drawn into the murky world of ufology.

Subterfuge and concealment become a part of their lives as they search for the secret to open the gateway to the second dimension where they hope to meet face to face with the aliens who abducted Courtney’s cousins.

Talk of government agencies and ‘above top secret’ organisations makes them fearful, but when they discover how much information has been covered up about the alien abductions, they become even more determined to take control and find the missing children.


Ella’s Destiny

I put this book on the Romance page and on the sci-fi page because it crosses both genres.

War is about to break out and Ella Stevens applies to join the Eden Venture in the hope of saving her teenage children and salvaging her failing marriage. Amid riots and unrest the family travel to their designated camp where they prepare for a future beyond anything they could have imagined.

During a perilous journey through space and time, Ella realises her marriage can not be saved, but is determined to fulfil her dream of finding a better future for her children. Arriving at the fresh new world, filled with hope and endless opportunity, Ella begins to build a life without her husband. However, the settlers soon discover that Eden is not the paradise they hoped it would be.

With no escape from the hostile and dangerous environment, survival becomes a priority. Ella embraces the challenges of her new life with a new found courage and moves into a future that no one could have predicted.


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