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Happiness for Hazel, Women of Wakefield, Book three

Hazel is charmed by a sensitive young man from a mining family. Fearing her parents might not approve of his background, she keeps her affair secret.

Her sweetheart hides a darker side that Hazel finds exciting, but when he becomes possessive, she discovers he might not be the man she thought he was. Are the rumours about him true? Can she trust him with her heart?



Freedom for Cassie, WW2 Women of Courage, Book Four

1973 – The hidden terrors of Cassie’s past have prevented her from embracing life as fully as she might have. The Polish immigrant leads a quiet life as a nurse but when her friend’s daughter asks to interview her for a Remembrance Day feature in the local newspaper; the long forgotten memories begin to surface and help to set her free.

1943 - After an outrageous abuse by a German soldier, Cassie escaped from the Lodz ghetto in Poland. A group of partisans found the sixteen-year-old and her younger sister and helped them to cross Europe in an audacious plan to reach safety.

Travelling thousands of miles through enemy territory, Cassie endured some terrifying ordeals and survived on starvation rations. She lived in constant fear of patrols and ambushes, but her world changed when a young Austrian Jew befriended her.

Under the extreme conditions of trying to escape the holocaust, friendship soon turned to love, and Gunter became the focal point of her chaotic life.

Was Cassie resilient enough to travel the infamous freedom trails to reach the safety she craved? Would Gunter give up his partisan life to join her?


Ingrid-kdp sm

Ingrid’s Mission, WW2 Women of Courage, Book Three

Ingrid lived the sheltered life of an elite Nazi socialite until her father was executed by the Gestapo. Then her world turned upside down.

She learned her lover was responsible for betraying her father and vowed never to let another man take her heart.

Feeling guilty about the Nazi beliefs she had lived by, she determines to make amends for her previous acceptance of Hitler’s doctrines. Her self-imposed mission is to save as many oppressed people as she can.

Working with a group of partisans, she learns the skills she needs to fight the Nazi regime, but in the midst of her new and dangerous life, can one liberated Jew steal her heart?


Hannah’s Conflict, WW2 Women of Courage, Book Two

After escaping Europe before the outbreak of WW2, Hannah’s passionate response to the oppression of her fellow Jews leads her back to Germany.

Working with a group of partisans, she helps to rescue Jewish prisoners from their places of hiding, from labour camps and from certain death.

Living with danger, and in constant fear of discovery, she learns her lover is not what he seems. With no-one to confide in, she lives with the oppressive menace of his secrets and lies. If the truth gets out, it could threaten the safety of the whole operation


Your Name is Jane, WW2 Women of Courage, Book One

After a devastating air-raid, a young woman finds herself trapped in the ruins of a building. She has no idea where she is or how she got there. The only fact she is certain of is adding to her confusion. Her thoughts are in German, but her rescuers are speaking English.

When asked what her name is, she is disturbed to realise she doesn't know the answer.
As parts of her memory slowly return, she begins to understand her life has not been easy but is afraid to tell anyone about the incriminating and confusing fragments she can recall

Not knowing who to trust, she sets out to uncover the mystery of who she is, and why she is in Sheffield when her home country is at war with England.


Peace for Gladys, Women of Wakefield, Book Two

Gladys hides a secret past that could ruin her marriage, but fortunately her husband, John, is still away, fighting. With the war in its fifth year, she believes the gossips may have forgotten her past mistakes, but still worries what might happen if her husband should ever learn what she’d done.

When she comes into an inheritance, she uncovers more family secrets that are just as troubling as her own. Should she tell what she knows, or let the past stay hidden?

Will she be forced to live her life looking over her shoulder, or will she ever know peace?


Evelyn’s Fight, Women of Wakefield, Book One

This moving wartime saga follows the story of a young family living in Britain during the Second World War. Evelyn fights to hold things together while her world falls apart.

World War Two interrupts Evelyn’s life when her husband, Dennis decides to enlist.

After a tragedy in the street, her mother, Nora, confesses secrets that rock the foundations of Evelyn’s world. When a telegram informs her that Dennis suffered wounds in action, she has no idea what to expect.

His injury changes everything.

More secrets are revealed and Evelyn finds she’s been living in a web of lies for years. Determined to fight to keep her family together, she faces an uphill struggle.

Will she win the fight? Can life ever be the same again?


Women of Verdun, Book Three, Nicolette
Nicolette was raised in England but her French roots go deep. She is determined to follow in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother to fight for her country in the war with Germany.

Her fiance is less than enthusiastic about enlisting which causes her to rethink her relationship. Instead of getting married on her twenty-second birthday, she embarks on a dangerous course that will lead her back Verdun, the home of her family. 

She works undercover to defend her country of birth, and the homeland of her ancestors. Blending seamlessly into the local population she uncovers secrets, from the present and the past, and moves into a future that she never dreamed possible.


Women of Verdun, Book Two, Belle’s Girls
In the middle of the First World War, Collette is afraid for her fiance, Antoine, who is fighting to save the town of Verdun. They should have been married by now, but the war put a halt to their plans.

Her sister Felicity is secretly in love with Antoine but hides her feelings. Only their mother knows of her pain, but Belle is too involved with helping to feed the stricken soldiers to offer support to her youngest.

Felicity helps in the casualty station in the grounds of the chateau, assisting the Australian nurses to care for the injured and dying. Collette helps her mother and finds herself drawn to the dangerous work of taking food to the front line.

The turmoil of war changes the lives of the two French girls who are both in love with the same man.

Who will Antoine choose and what will the consequences of that choice mean to the family


Women of Verdun, Book One, Belle

Belle is nineteen in the late nineteenth century. The world is changing rapidly, but in France, in the district of Verdun, life flows at a slower pace. Belle is in love with her childhood friend and hopes he feels the same way. While visiting the Exposition Universelle in Paris, in the most romantic place in the world, Julien proposes but to her disappointment he does not speak of love.

Belle settles for her husband’s marriage of convenience, but realises her mistake when she discovers the man she adores has a terrible secret that could ruin both their families. Can she find the courage to confront him? How can she love him after such a betrayal? How will she protect her family?

This is the first story in an epic three book saga that will cross two centuries, three generations and two world wars.


Lost in the Memories
Pam treasures the notes, letters, cards, and photographs that her mother and grandparents left her. When her uncle asks for information about a secret sister, she uses the file of memories to help him embark on a search for the lost baby.

Cross-checking dates with the written accounts of war time events, they are drawn into the past to discover a web of family secrets.

Can they find the love child? Will their questions be answered?

Weaving between past and present, using the written words as guides, they see between the lines and discover a love story full of passion, loss and sacrifice.


The Scent of Bluebells

In spring of 1939, eighteen year old Amy falls in love with Jimmy and life seems full of promise for the young girl from a northern mill town. War is brewing, and for many women like Amy, it would change her life forever.

Through the following five years of turmoil, Amy endures heartache and loss. Her husband is missing in action and she hasn’t seen him for over a year, but she begins to enjoy freedom and independence like she’d never know before.

Another year passes with no news of Jimmy, and she dares to love again.

Will this love survive the war? Will Jimmy be found?


Pushed on the Shelf

Forty-something Trisha is reeling from the shock of being dumped by her husband, Alan, aka DISCWIFF (Dick in Sports Car With Foot Fetish.)

Her eleven-year-old son, Robbie has taken to cuddling a favourite old toy rabbit in bed. Her almost sixteen-year-old, ‘Tazzy Devil’ of a daughter, Lizabeth, expects the clothes and lifestyle that she’s been used to and can’t understand that designer underwear is now beyond their means.

Trisha now has to support her two children financially, as DISCWIFF has set up home with TITSNOBB (Tits no Brain Bimbo) and left her in a house that is about to be repossessed.

With no qualifications or experience, the job market looks bleak, but she is determined not to go under. As Trisha struggles to hold together all the threads of her unraveling life, her emotions get in a tangle when the owner of the local flower shop takes a keen interest in her, and she agrees to a date with him.

Trisha feels like her life is being lived inside a pressure cooker that’s ready to blow a gasket. Something has to give, but what?


A Snowdrop’s Promise

At twenty-four-years old, Agnes felt she was headed for a spinster’s life. Being taller than most lads was a disadvantage, but she didn’t mind being the wallflower while her petite and pretty cousin drew men like a moth to a flame.

When Agnes fell for a tall Irishman’s charm, she thought she had found the love of her life. When Andrew asks Agnes to marry him, she has no idea where his proposal will lead them. Her Catholic father would not permit a Protestant son-in-law and he refused to listen to their pleading.

The young couple continued to meet in secret, and when Andrew decided to talk to Agnes’s father and try and win him around, none of them could have anticipated the outcome, or the repercussions of that fateful meeting.

War breaks out, giving a frightening and eventful backdrop to Agnes’s life of secrets and lies. She lives in fear of the truth emerging, to ruin the lives of her children, but eventually begins to feel that the truth may perhaps lead to her salvation.

Can she face up to her fears and disclose the secrets of her past?


Ella’s Destiny

I put this book on the Romance page and on the sci-fi page because it crosses both genres.

War is about to break out and Ella Stevens applies to join the Eden Venture in the hope of saving her teenage children and salvaging her failing marriage. Amid riots and unrest the family travel to their designated camp where they prepare for a future beyond anything they could have imagined.

During a perilous journey through space and time, Ella realises her marriage can not be saved, but is determined to fulfil her dream of finding a better future for her children. Arriving at the fresh new world, filled with hope and endless opportunity, Ella begins to build a life without her husband. However, the settlers soon discover that Eden is not the paradise they hoped it would be.

With no escape from the hostile and dangerous environment, survival becomes a priority. Ella embraces the challenges of her new life with a new found courage and moves into a future that no one could have predicted.


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