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Romance & War

Here is a small selection of my published works in Romance and war, with links to excerpts available to read on this website  right now. If you like what you see, ALL my published work is available from all Amazon stores. Most are available in Kindle or paperback format.

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Your Name is Jane

After a devastating air-raid, a young woman finds herself trapped in the ruins of a building. She has no idea where she is or how she got there. The only fact she is certain of is adding to her confusion. Her thoughts are in German, but her rescuers are speaking English.
When asked what her name is, she is disturbed to realise she doesn't know the answer.
As parts of her memory slowly return, she begins to understand her life has not been easy but is afraid to tell anyone about the incriminating and confusing fragments she can recall.
Not knowing who to trust, she sets out to uncover the mystery of who she is, and why she is in Sheffield when her home country is at war with England.



Evelyn’s Fight

This moving wartime saga follows the story of a young family living in Britain during the Second World War. Evelyn fights to hold things together while her world falls apart.

World War Two interrupts Evelyn’s life when her husband, Dennis decides to enlist.

After a tragedy in the street, her mother, Nora, confesses secrets that rock the foundations of Evelyn’s world. When a telegram informs her that Dennis suffered wounds in action, she has no idea what to expect.

His injury changes everything.

More secrets are revealed and Evelyn finds she’s been living in a web of lies for years. Determined to fight to keep her family together, she faces an uphill struggle.

Will she win the fight? Can life ever be the same again?



Women of Verdun, Book Three, Nicolette
Nicolette was raised in England but her French roots go deep. She is determined to follow in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother to try fight for her country in the war with Germany.
Her fiancÚ is less than enthusiastic about enlisting which causes her to rethink her relationship. Instead of getting married on her twenty-second birthday, she embarks on a dangerous course that will lead her back Verdun, the home of her family. 
She works undercover to defend her country of birth, and the homeland of her ancestors. Blending seamlessly into the local population she uncovers secrets, from the present and the past, and moves into a future that she never dreamed possible.


A Snowdrop’s Promise

Newly released

At twenty-four-years old, Agnes felt she was headed for a spinster’s life. Being taller than most lads was a disadvantage, but she didn’t mind being the wallflower while her petite and pretty cousin drew men like a moth to a flame.

When Agnes fell for a tall Irishman’s charm, she thought she had found the love of her life. When Andrew asks Agnes to marry him, she has no idea where his proposal will lead them. Her Catholic father would not permit a Protestant son-in-law and he refused to listen to their pleading.

The young couple continued to meet in secret, and when Andrew decided to talk to Agnes’s father and try and win him around, none of them could have anticipated the outcome, or the repercussions of that fateful meeting.

War breaks out, giving a frightening and eventful backdrop to Agnes’s life of secrets and lies. She lives in fear of the truth emerging, to ruin the lives of her children, but eventually begins to feel that the truth may perhaps lead to her salvation.

Can she face up to her fears and disclose the secrets of her past?


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