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As you can see from the selection here, I like to write stories in many genres. I know this may hamper me in collecting a following of readers who prefer only one genre, but I choose to follow my heart and hope others will realise that a good story, is a good story, is a good story... no matter what pigeon hole you can slot it into.


I sometimes like to write ‘outside the box,’ with my work cutting across or combining genres and again, this can be restrictive in finding a home for my writing, but I don’t care too much for restrictions.

If you would like to purchase any of my novels, you’ll find links on the book pages, to on-line stores where they are available in either print or eBook formats.

You’ll find my romances are pretty much what you’d expect from the genre. The chic lit will be light hearted but with real characters who I hope you will come to love. The war romances are a little deeper, engaging in the full emotional roller coaster that the characters lived through in those tough times.


Lovers of hard core sci-fi will probably hate my sci-fi novels. I focus on real people facing extraordinary challenges. I try to make the unbelievable more plausible while keeping the suspense, action and adventure as real and down to earth as possible, so my books can entertain even the die hard anti sci-fi readers. Even if you don’t like sci-fi, I challenge you to try mine - read and excerpt here.

I have one true account listed in my titles. ‘It’s Penguin shooting day, a true account of the first weeks living with brain injury,’ is the edited version of a diary I kept some years ago when my son-in-law had a terrible car accident, leaving him with brain damage. I traveled from England to Australia to help look after my baby granddaughter while my daughter stayed by her husband’s side in the first weeks of his recovery. It is an emotional read, but the overriding themes are love, hope and positivity. I hope this will inspire others who may face a similar situation.


My short stories cover many genres, as you would expect from my first paragraph here. I have published two short story anthologies and hope to do more as time allows. I also hope to put some of the stories on the short story page here on the web-site for readers to enjoy free of charge.

I ventured into children’s fiction in 2014, and published the second around Christmas time, 2015. The books don’t link. Each is a stand alone story aimed at children from about 8 to 12 years old.

Visit the children’s books page here to see more details.

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