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Hello and thanks for dropping by. This page won’t change much, unless something drastic happens to change my history or my present circumstances.

I’ve been writing and illustrating since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I’ve never been short of ideas. I just hope I live long enough to write them all down.

After years of writing articles and short stories, I decided, about thirty years ago, that I needed something more challenging and embarked on my first full length novel. I completed it within a year and began to send it out to agents and publishers, but the answer was always the same - “Our catalogue is full,” or, “You have talent, but we already have a similar book going to publication right now,” and the best one, “This one doesn’t quite fit our list, but we’d be happy to see anything else you might have in the same genre.”

Five years and five more books later, and quite a lot of money out of pocket with postage, (in the days before internet and e-mail,) I gave up and concentrated on the magazine work. That was my bread and butter job.

Then a few years ago I became computer savvy and discovered Amazon’s KDP. This is a wonderful place where writers like me can publish and put our work up for the public to buy without having to bother the traditional publishers or have them send more rejection slips.

Now, with more than twenty books published, I have been able to give up the day job to concentrate on doing what I love to do. WRITE BOOKS!

I devote a lot of time to researching whatever my current projects are, and even more time writing the manuscript. Writing a book comes naturally to me. Editing and marketing are necessary evils of self publishing. I wish I could enjoy the luxury of having all this extra hard work done for me, but until I hit the big time and can afford an entourage of editors, illustrators and a marketing team, I struggle on alone. 

You’ll find all of my published works on Amazon, but some are now available in print, also from Amazon stores and directly from CreateSpace. You’ll find links to all my work on the book pages. I am currently looking at adding audio versions to some of my novels. Wish me luck!

If you take the time to read my work I hope you will feel able to leave a review for me. I don’t pay for reviews as some writers do. I prefer to get honest reviews from readers, which is why some of my books don’t seem to have too many in comparison to other authors. I don’t mind what you say in your review. A great review praising my talents is always nice to read, but I also take notice of constructive criticism. No matter how good I think my work is, I know there will always be room for improvement.


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